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The Kerry Katona Tummy Tuck

For most of you in the US, Kerry Katona most likely doesn’t ring a bell.

Kerry Katona Tummy TuckBut in England and Europe, Kerry is a well known celeb and socialite who has starred in her fair share of reality shows.  She’s also recently had her fourth kid and underwent a divorce from husband Mark Croft.

So, like any celeb after any amount of kids, she underwent a tummy tuck and put the results on full display on a recent vacation with Mel B’s sister (yes, THAT Mel B from the spice girls who recently came out of the shadows at the London Olympics’ closing ceremonies).  Looks like they had a great time in Mallorca, a lovely island in the Mediterranean off the coast of Spain.

Anyways, information on cost of the tummy tuck procedure was published on that linked site, and it ran her about $4,800.  What do you think, was it worth it?  Would you do a tummy tuck after having four kids?

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Lana Del Rey For H&M

What do you guys think of the new shots of Lana Del Rey for H&M?! We sort of love them, but aren’t entirely sure she’s the appropriate H&M cover girl. Just looking at these shots makes us feel a little moody and depressed. She’s just so dark, and H&M certainly has a little edge, but c’mon it’s summer and this is a mainstream store! Can we have something a little happier please? In fairness, the promo shots are meant for H&M’s fall campaign, but if so, then keep ‘em under wraps until then! But regardless, she does look gorgeous, and it did get our attention (and the rest of the internet’s). So in that sense, the campaign’s been successful.

What do you think, do these shots of Lana Del Rey for H&M make you want to shop there any more or less?

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The Best Makeup On A Budget

As much as you might like to spend $30 on a designer brand eyeliner, for most of us, it’s just not an option. But that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice quality! If you know what to look for, you can find a drug store lipgloss, mascara, or blush that you’ll love just as much as the department store brand. In fact, since you’ll be saving so much money, you’ll probably love it more! Here’s our breakdown of the best makeup to buy for your budget.


  • Revlon ColorStay $10 All across the internet, this classic makeup is reviewed as being on par with brands like Mac and Laura Mercier. It is oil-free, fragrance-free, provides just the right amount of coverage, and really lasts the whole day. Acne-prone users say it hasn’t caused them to break out.  There are plenty of different shades with different undertones to choose from, so you’re sure to find a color to match you.


  • Almay Clear Complexion Concealer Stick and Treatment Gel $9.99 This concealer has two ends. One is a cream concealer stick, the other is a spot treatment so you can conceal and treat blemishes at the same time. We like this concealer because the thick formula is perfect for hiding blemishes or red marks, and the treatment isn’t built into the concealer so you can still use this on your under-eyes and other sensitive areas without worrying about the acne treatment causing irritation.
  • Physicians Formula Gentle Cover Cream Concealer $5.49If you prefer more of a liquid concealer, this is your best bet. We love Physician’s Formula because they take extra care to make sure their products are non-irritating and non-comedogenic. This gentle concealer is a thicker liquid so it will stay put but won’t get cakey when placed under your eyes or over a blemish.


  • CoverGirl Cheekers Blush $4.79 We love Cheekers because it comes in 15 super natural shades and adds just the right amount of color. It goes on softly, but it easy to layer for more of a pop. We particularly love the ”pretty peach” color, which seems to look great on everyone.


  • NYX Doll Eye Mascara $4 (Lengthening) This mascara will. not. clump! It’s super lengthening and doesn’t get flaky and leave you with watery itchy eyes.
  • CoverGirl Lash Blast Mascara $4.55 (Volumizing) This mascara gives the illusion that you have about a third more lashes than you do. Apply it by using a side to side motion for the best results. Oh, and it lengthens too!


  • Maybelline Lasting Drama by Eye Studio Gel Liner $6.94 Ladies, if you’re still using your pencil or liquid eyeliner and haven’t tried gel, stop what your doing and head to CVS to get this liner. Bobbi Brown makes basically the same thing, but this is about a quarter of the price. Gel gives you the dramatic, long lasting look of liquid liner with the control of an eyeliner pencil. Plus, it’s blendable, so you can go over it with a smudge brush to give a softer look or layer it on thick for more drama.


  • NYX Cosmetics 10 Color Eye Shadow Palette in Smokey Eyes $9.07 This palette will last forever, all the shades look good on everyone (who doesn’t look good in a smokey eye?), and the color really stays, especially if you use a primer. If you only can afford one eye shadow, buy this palette. You can create looks that are more brown or more grey for variety, but honestly no one gets tired of a classic smokey eye. If you don’t like the smokey eye look, NYX makes a ton of other 10-shade palettes in brighter colors too.

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We saw a lot of great looks on celebrities at Comic-Con this year! Here are our favorites:

  1. Nikki Reed: We love the femininity of Nikki’s sweet peplum shirt and pink silk shorts. The sparkly bag adds a little bit of comic-con fun.
  2. Kate Beckinsale: Does this women ever have an ugly day? We love her fierce leather pants, and the way she contrasts them with a chic white blazer.
  3. Lea Michelle: This is the perfect Comic-Con ensemble. It’s fun, flirty, and a bit quirky. We love the pop of the red shoes.
  4. Michelle Williams: Michelle Williams looks like a fun, funky Audrey Hepburn in this patterned shift dress. 
  5. Jessica Biel: Jessica Biel looks so classy, and yet her hot pink shoes add just the right amount of quirky for Comic-Con.

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I can’t remember when I spotted my first grey hair, but the moment when I first realized I had chunks of it growing in I remember vividly. I was driving home from work one day and it was particularly sunny out. The sun was streaming in the window and I caught a glimpse of my hair in my rear-view mirror. It was shimmering! When I got to the next stop light, I realized that the shimmer was not just a trick of the light, but in fact was a ton of stark white hairs growing in around my temples.  I’d been highlighting my hair for years but had only recently decided to take a break from coloring and the lack of blonde highlights made the contrast between the grey hair and my natural brown color quite evident. At only 25, grey hair was, in my opinion, not an option. And so my obsession with fixing this “problem” began.


Apparently, it’s not that uncommon to start seeing grey hair in your twenties (but try telling that to the 25 year old who still feels like she’s 18). In fact, it’s only getting more common and researchers say stress, diet, and environment are likely culprits.

In some cases, a simple vitamin deficiency can be the cause. Grey hair can be caused by a deficiency in B12, B5, B6, Folic Acid, and/or copper. Do not discount a B Vitamin deficiency as it is more common than one might think.  The Birth Control Pill has been linked to deficiencies in B vitamins and thus if you’ve been taking it for years, you might want to add a supplement.


Cover It: If you want to cover your grey, there are an endless number of dyes and products to help you do that.

  • Permanent Color:  If you are more than 30% grey you’ll probably need permanent color to cover your grey. We recommend seeing a hair colorist for the first application of permanent dye to find the right color and then you can try it at home.
  • Demi-Permanent Color: If you’re just beginning to see grey, you will want to steer clear of permanent dye as long as possible since it’s such a huge commitment. For an at home option, try a demi-permanent color like Clairol Natural Instincts. The color washes out in about a month so you won’t have lines of demarcation and if you aren’t crazy about the color, you can try a new one next month.
  • Highlights and Lowlights: Another option for those with just a little bit of grey is to highlight and lowlight around the grey to blend it in. Highlights and lowlights grow out more naturally than all-over color, so you won’t have to visit the salon as often. That said, do leave this trick to a professional as it’s too hard to see what you’re doing on your own!

Embrace It: We read an article on about how to embrace your grey hair and really loved their advice so much we decided to spread it. After all, covering up grey hair is costly and requires a lot of time and maintenance, and we don’t know many modern women who are running around with a ton of money and effort to throw at something that’s natural, not a threat to your health, and is objectively just as beautiful as any other “look”!

  • Use the Right Shampoo: If you’re going to embrace your grey, you want to make sure you use the right products to bring out its shimmer. A blue or purple tinted shampoo will help keep grey hair bright and prevent dulling.
  • Try Blending: Rather than dying over your grey hair, ask your stylist to highlight around the grey to blend it. You’ll end up with a gorgeous multi-tonal look.
  • Work It: You know how Lady Gaga can make anything look cool? It’s all about attitude. If you’re embarrassed by your grey hair, others will sense that and consider it a “problem” too. But if you have fun with it and flaunt it, other people won’t perceive it as a “problem.”
  • Cut it: Grey hair tends to be more brittle and harder to keep long. If you’re extra careful with your hair care, then long grey hair is beautiful and we think you should go for it. Otherwise, you may want to cut your hair a bit shorter to keep it in good shape. Consider a fun spunky cut to keep the look youthful.

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By this point in the summer, if you haven’t already thrown caution to the wind and abandoned your high maintenance hair styling routines, then you’re missing out! What’s the point in having every hair in place when you’re just going to drive around with the windows down or end up wind-blown on the beach? These three simple hairstyles are great go-to’s for summer hair that’s relaxed yet gorgeous, and so low maintenance.

  • Beachy Waves: This look is super sexy any time of the year, not just summer. Luckily, it’s very simple to create too. All you need for a great beachy waves hairstyle is a little salt spray! You can buy pre-packaged stuff at the drug store, or just fill a spray bottle with water, sea salt, and a couple dollups of your favorite conditioner. Spray into the lengths of your wet hair and scrunch the ends up toward the roots. Allow the hair to dry naturally, and voila!
  • Braids: Beachy waves are great for everyday, but when you want something a little more quirky or fun, braids are a great option. There are so many different ways to braid your hair and so many types of braids. A side braid is a classic that you can’t go wrong with, but we also love braided updo’s and braided half-back styles. Classic braids are simple enough that anyone can create them, but if you have the time and patience to learn to fishtail braid, it’s the look to get this summer!
  • Headband: When all else fails, have a few cute headbands lying around to pop into your hair in an emergency. Sometimes all that wind, salt water, and heat can really take a toll on your hair. A brightly colored or patterned headband will help distract away from whatever’s going on with your hair and keep you looking chic. Headbands are a definite necessity to keep in your desk at work!

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It’s time to stock up on sandals! Here are the top styles for summer 2012:

1. Suede: We love these fringe-y Minnetonka’s for $49.95 on Amazon.

2. Animal Print: We like animal print best when it’s understated, like in this simple thong style by MIA for $49.95 on Amazon.

3. Metallic: These House of Harlow sandals are the definition of amazing to us. You’ll pay a pretty penny for them ($250 on Amazon), but that’s okay because you’ll probably never want another pair of sandals again. How could you beat these?

4. Natural Wedges: A pair of casual wedges in natural earthy colors is so laidback and summery and goes great with a tan! This pair by Dolce Vita is just $89 on Amazon.

5. Buckles:  Buckles add a little edge to an otherwise summery style! This pair by Pour La Victoire is $113 on Amazon.

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Summer Makeup Tips

When the weather heats up, there are a few changes you absolutely have to make to your makeup routine to keep looking flawless all through the summer.
  1. Switch to a Lighter Foundation: As the weather heats up, oil glands sometimes go into overdrive to combat the dryness caused by sunburns and heat. Plus all that extra sweat really doesn’t go well with a face full of heavy makeup. Try switching to a tinted moisturizer, or a light dusting of mineral makeup. Summer beauty is low key anyway!
  2. User Bolder Colors: Our favorite summer look is a natural face and eye with a pop of color on the lips. So fresh and festive!
  3. Go Easy on the Eyeliner: Unless you’re going to a formal event, heavy eyeliner in the summer can look a bit too dramatic. Lighten up the look by either wearing it only on your top lid or completely ditching it and wearing mascara alone.
  4. Add a Little Shimmer: Note that we said shimmer and not sparkle. A little shimmer on the cheekbones and decolletage can be really sexy when it catches the sunlight. Just don’t douse yourself in sequins or anything.
  5. Trade Blush for Bronzer: The summer heat and sun are likely to give you a natural blush anyway. So if you even need extra color, go for bronzer instead of blush to avoid looking too red.

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Here are our picks for the hottest nail polish trends for Summer 2012:

1. Pastels Other Then Pink: We’ve seen all the top nail polish brands like Essie and OPI come out with some really sweet pastel nail polish colors lately. In particular, we’re digging the light purple and pistachio colors. So fresh and summery!

2. Metallic: Metallic Colors are so sexy! A great look for a warm night out or just lounging around at the beach.

3. Matte: We love matte colors because they still look great even after a day in the sand. Shiny colors get dull looking, but since matte colors are already matte, the sand has no effect on them.

4. Orange: Orange nail polish is so yummy. It reminds us of an orange popsicle or a delicious mimosa.

5. Teal: Teal is for a true trendsetter. This statement color looks great on freshly tanned toes and hands.

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Looking for a little Summer style inspiration? Here are the top fashion trends as we head off into Summer 2012!

  1. Big Hats: Sunburns and wrinkles are out! Big floppy hats protect you from the sun, protect your hair from dryness and fading, and look oh so chic!
  2. Denim Shirts: Denim shirts are cool, hip, casual, tomboyish and a little rocker-chic. 
  3. Midi Dresses: This summer isn’t about the mini or the maxi dress: it’s all about the midi!
  4. Printed Pants: Kristin Stewart caused quite a buzz when she stepped out in these brightly printed pants. And now everyone’s wearing a similar look! Keep whatever you wear on top simple for the best “statement” effect.
  5. Bandeau’s: We must admit, we’re a little shy about this trend, but if you can pull it off then please do! If nothing else, it’s a cute beach look!

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Look Beautiful Without Makeup

Obviously since I write for Latest Beauty, I love makeup. Mostly I love that makeup gives me the ability to look different every day, if I want to. Variety is the spice of life, and it’s nice to be able to change up your look depending on my mood. That said, I think most women will admit that wearing heavy makeup daily is A. a pain in the butt to apply and B. causes more breakouts. So on principle, I try to go a day without makeup every now and then. If I have any breakouts then I’ll apply a little concealer, but otherwise I wear no foundation, eye makeup or lip color. That doesn’t mean I don’t spend time getting ready. I follow the 7 steps below to make sure I look fresh:

  1. Get Enough Sleep: Sleep is the best medicine. Get at least 8 hours a night. 9 hours is better. But don’t sleep more than 10 hours–too much sleep can cause grogginess.
  2. Calm Inflammation: If you didn’t sleep enough the night before (or had a little too much to drink) you may have puffy eyes, puffy skin, and redness around the nose and eyes. First, for all of these symptoms, don’t discount allergies. If you’re frequently waking up with red puffy eyes you might want to try taking Zyrtec or buying a air purifier for your bedroom. You can also use Naphcon, anti-histamine drops that relieve redness and itching almost instantly. If it’s not allergies, then what I do is create an ice pack and alternate holding over my eyes and over the rest of my face. Spend just 5-10 minutes with an icepack and you’ll greatly reduce inflammation.
  3. Pinch and Pat: This might sound a bit strange but next you’ll want to alternate lightly pinching and patting your skin for about a minute or two. This will increase circulation which will make skin look brighter and give you a natural “blush.”
  4. Cleanse Gently: If you want to go out without makeup, then using a gentle cleanser that won’t over-dry you is absolutely necessary. Dry skin can look pale and sallow and can also cause redness to be more apparent. My absolute favorite gentle cleanser is Aveeno Ultra Calming Foaming Cleanser. It’s so gentle and leaves my skin super soft. It also contains feverfew, which helps reduce redness and inflammation.
  5. Moisturize: This is the most important step. I suggest applying a large amount of moisturizer, more than a quarter size dollop. Definitely use something non-comedogenic: I love Cerave. Also, if you really want skin to glow, add a couple drops of Jojoba Oil to your moisturizer. Jojoba oil is non-comedogenic and actually helps balance skin’s oil production because it so closely mimics your skin’s natural sebum. I use Now Foods Organic Jojoba Oil and really swear by it: it has this ability to moisturize my skin when it’s dry and mattify it when it’s oily.
  6. Apply Lip Balm: Dry lips can really kill the “no makeup” look.  Try to use a lip balm with shea butter or jojoba oil which will both do a great job of moisturizing.
  7. Curl Your Lashes: Simply curling your lashes will make you look rested and bright eyed.

And that’s it! So, what do you think? Can you go out without makeup? Some women are perfectly comfortable running errands without it, but wouldn’t be caught dead at work with a bare face. If you have any other “no makeup” tips or tricks, please feel free to share them in the comments below! Every little tip helps!

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If you’re about to start swimsuit shopping, you might be interested to know what styles are trending for Summer 2012. This summer, swimwear is modern, playful, and a bit sassy. Here are the looks we’re loving right now:

  • Mix and Match: We love mix n match bikini’s! Especially when one piece is a print and the other is a solid! It has a great devil-may-care quality to it. Ashely Olsen got the look right when she paired a striped crochet triangle top with plain black bottoms.
  • Cutouts: We love cutout one pieces because they give you the extra coverage and long slimming lines of a one piece but don’t skimp on sexiness at all! Pregnant Kristin Cavillari looks adorable in this black one piece.
  • Crochet: Crochet is a nice change from typical spandex. It has a really cool bohemian vibe. Gisele looks casual cool in this brown crochet bikini.
  • Vintage: The vintage look is so adorable, but it definitely takes a particular personality to pull it off. Taylor Swift looks adorable in this striped retro bikini: 
  • Metallic: Metallic suits are everywhere this season! They’re fun, vibrant, and the way they shimmer in the sun is oh-so-sexy! Kim Kardashian looks pretty smouldering in her silver and gold bikini:

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Colored skinny jeans are everywhere and they’re sure to be everywhere this summer. Colored jeans create a bright, sunny look perfect for summer. The key to pulling of this look is to pair them with a darker, more neutral top and accessories. Here’s a little celebrity inspiration:

  1. Kate Middleton in Coral Skinny Jeans Kate wears these bright coral skinnies like pro. She really softens their color by pairing them with a dark navy blazer and plain black pumps. Your first thought is not “whoa those are bright pants!” and that’s exactly as it should be.

  2. Stacey Keibler in Red Skinny Jeans We love red skinny jeans because they work brilliantly for day or night. Here, Stacy Keibler makes them super sexy by pairing them with a black shirt and heels.
  3. Malin Akerman in Bright Blue Skinnies Malin Akerman looks so chic and stunning in these bright blue skinny jeans. Like Stacey Keibler, she dressed them down with black but the effect is totally different: less sexy and more polished. Note to self: pair colored skinnies with black.
  4. Camilla Alves in Purple Skinny Jeans We love the way Camilla lightened up her purple skinnies with a white top and ivory heels. Super chic.
  5. Cameron Diaz in Pale Pink Skinny Jeans Oh Cameron, you got this so right. The color feels so subtle here. It adds a definite lightness and femininity but it’s not quite so “look at me” as the other colors.

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Yesterday I wrote about how much I love Rosehip Seed Oil. Today I have to mention a new supplement I’ve been taking that I think I might be falling even more in love with: cod liver oil. There’s so much information out there about why cod liver oil is great for you skin–all you have to do is Google it. Acne sufferers love it, and many women say it’s greatly helped with hormonal breakouts along the chin and jawline.  High profile beauty bloggers like Kandee J are highly devoted to the stuff. So I decided I had to try it for myself a few weeks ago. A month later, I’m seeing incredible results.  My skin truly glows and my breakouts are much less noticeable and seem to be stopping completely. I’m trying not to get too excited but wow! So what’s the science behind it all?

I suggest when you have some time you check out the comprehensive research from the Weston A Price foundation. Basically the research shows that certain primitive cultures who had no acne were getting a lot more vitamin A, vitamin D, and vitamin K2 than we modern folk get. Cod Liver Oil is just about the best source of these vitamins and omega 3 fatty acid which is the champion anti-inflammatory (read: great for skin!). That said, if you want to try cod liver oil, unfortunately it may cost you. Most of the Cod Liver Oil sold in stores is basically garbage, so processed that all the nutrients and benefits are greatly diminished. There is literally only one company that follows a very pure extraction process to actually preserve the benefits of the cod liver oil: Green Pasture’s. Even better, Green Pasture’s combines their Cod Liver Oil with Butter Oil, which Weston A Price found to be essential to the success of the cod liver oil.

I take the capsule form (Green Pasture’s Blue Ice Royal Butter Oil/Fermented Cod Liver Oil) which they sell on Amazon, found here. It’s expensive, but seriously so worth it. Each jar contains 60 servings (you take one capsule in the morning, one at night) so it’ll last you 2 months. I no longer take any other supplements for my skin and really need nothing more than a mild cleanser to keep my skin looking nice, so I really feel like the high cost of these balances out in the end. (Just FYI they do have a liquid version on Amazon which costs less than the capsules: I just can’t handle the idea of taking a liquid supplement, but if you’ve got a strong stomach then more savings for you!)

And it’s not just great for acne–this stuff is great for scarring, discoloration, melasma, hyper-pigmentation, and yes even wrinkles! So give it a try and let me know if it works for you!

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I have had issues with uneven skin tone for most of my life.  I guess my problems come from the fact that I have super pale skin that’s prone to redness and discoloration. The slightest breakout will cause a  red mark that lingers for months while just a minute in the sun gives me ridiculous freckles and melasma (brown discoloration). I used to just slap on layers and layers of makeup to deal with the problem, but ever since I tried Rosehip Seed Oil, my skin has made a total turn around.

A lot of people who have issues with discoloration turn to AHA, also known as glycolic acid, which peels the top layer of skin and helps to even out skin tone. Although the AHA worked for me to some degree, it also left my sensitive skin irritated and pinkish all the time. Rosehip Seed Oil has similar abilities but actually soothes my skin, making it appear more even and healthy and glowy. I also find that I’m not battling oily skin since using Rosehip Seed Oil, and I’ve read it has the ability to balance your skin’s natural oil production. I swear a few of the premature wrinkles I’d gotten from using acne fighting products seem to be softer and less noticeable as well.  And it’s not just me. My friends have all commented lately on how “rested” I look and asked me what I’ve been doing.

In addition to being great for lightening scars, evening skin tone, and softening wrinkles, I’ve also read that Rosehip Seed Oil is great for stretch marks and moisturizing hair and skin (particularly elbows, knees and heels).

I’ve been using the Organic Rosehip Seed Oil by Aubrey Organics and have been really happy with it. I really trust Aubrey Organics: they have really high standards for the production of their products to ensure they are as organic and pure as possible. I actually also started using the Aubrey Organics Rosa Mosqueta Shampoo as well. It contains Rosehip Seed Oil so I don’t actually have to rub the oil itself into my fine easily-weighed-down hair. The shampoo is working so well: it’s their “safe for color treated hair” shampoo and I find my color lasts a lot longer since using it.

Oh but I’m almost forgetting my favorite benefit of Rosehip Seed Oil: the smell!! It’s seriously the best smelling natural scent I’ve ever smelled. It’s one of those great light lingering scents that’s not at all strong but just smells so fresh and clean. Plus–BONUS–My boyfriend is totally intoxicated by it. :)

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Wedding Hair: Down Or Up?

How will you wear your hair on your wedding day? In a classic chignon? Long flowing waves? Or a half up-half down style? A lot of brides who wear their hair down on a regular basis want to wear their hair down for the wedding but fear they’ll look back on pictures and wish they’d worn a more “timeless” look. Kate Middleton famously wore her down for her wedding to Prince William, despite everyone’s expectation that she’d wear her hair up since the affair was so formal. Kate supposedly said she wanted to look like herself. If you’ve been wrestling with the decision whether to wear your hair up or down at your wedding, consider the following:

  • Your Venue: If you’re having your wedding in a church, an opera house, or a theater, then an up-do is probably most appropriate. But if you plan to get married in a barn, on a ranch, or on the beach, consider wearing your hair at least half down.

    Natural settings lend themselves very nicely to natural, free-flowing hair.

  • Your Personal Style: Don’t wear an up-do just because someone else (your mom, your bridesmaids, whoever) tells you you should. You’ll feel most beautiful on your wedding day if you feel like yourself. Are you normally a t-shirt and jeans girl? Then a fussy up-do will probably make you feel uncomfortable.
  • The Weather: Even though we recommended hair down for a beach wedding, if it’s a particularly windy or rainy day then you may want to wear your hair in a secure style just to be safe. You can still probably get away with a half up-half down do, but just ask your stylist to make sure it’s tightly secured so no pieces will be falling in your face.
  • Pictures: Peek-a-boo bangs may be sexy on a day to day basis, but in pictures they can be a nightmare. It’s okay to have a couple loose, narrow tendrils but if your hair is in your face in all your pictures you’ll be really sad.

  • You Gut Instinct: Probably best not to over think this one. Try to think back on the original vision you had for your wedding day–did you imagine your hair up or down? Go with whatever your heart wants.
  • Your Future Hubby: If you’ve thought through all of the above and still can’t decide, consider how you think your future hubby would most like to see you look on the big day. Usually even the most indecisive bride can arrive at a decision when she imagines what she wants her husband to see walking down the aisle.

For more ideas for wedding hairstyles, visit our sister site

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It seems every year Coachella draws more and more celebrities. In attendance this year: Lindsay Lohan, Lauren Conrad, Lea Michelle, Diane Kruger, Emma Watson, Vanessa Hudgens, Katy Perry, Kate Bosworth, and so so many more. As much fun as it is to see all these A-Listers in one place, the best part is, of course, seeing what they’re wearing! The theme of Coachella fashion is always very Boho, and the celebrities certainly come dressed appropriate to the theme.

Here are our top 5 favorite Celebrity Coachella Looks:

  1. Lea Michelle at the Lacoste Party wearing a white tunic over a red bikini and adorable beige espadrilles:
  2. Rosie Huntington Whitely wearing White Tuxedo Shirt and Flower Power cut-off Shorts:
  3. Nina Dobrev wearing an easy breezy maxi dress, thick brown belt, and animal print sandals:
  4. Diane Kruger wearing a long flowy brown skirt and slinky black top rocking a statement hat:
  5. Alessandra Ambrosio wearing a sweet peasant dress dressed down with mid-thigh suede boots:

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Perhaps you’ve seen recent pictures of Taylor Swift and thought “She looks different. I wonder if she’s had something done?” Well, all signs point to yes, but thankfully it looks as if the work done was very tastefully and proportionate to her thin frame. The photo on the right, taken in late April shows a much more well endowed Taylor that what we saw just a few months earlier. It looks as if Swift had modest breast implants to increase her bust from an A cup to a classy C cup. You can tell this isn’t just weight gain just by looking at the size of her waist and arms–tiny as always.

And it’s not just a push up bra because the shirt she’s wearing is clingy enough to see the fullness at the top of her bust line.

We hope she deals with the press on this in a classy way. She doesn’t seem like one to lie. We imagine she’ll give a coy “maybe I did and maybe I didn’t but it’s none of your business” response.  That said, she’s always been pretty forthcoming with her fans and we’d love it if she would come out with a statement admitting to it and explaining her reasons in a very adult fashion. Hopefully she’ll even talk about the risks of surgery and how she decided, after weighing the pros and cons, to go forward with it so that her fans know it’s not a decision to be taken lightly. It seems like when celebrities just admit to the surgery then people talk about it for a week or two and then everybody moves on. It’s when they deny obvious surgery (cough…Britney Spears…cough cough) that people talk about it forever and make a bigger deal out of something that’s, quite frankly, commonplace in Hollywood and very commonplace among celebrities.

Taylor, you looked beautiful before and

you look beautiful now. Enjoy your new look!

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Did you know Amy Adams isn’t a true redhead? That’s right! Amy Adams is actually a natural blonde and she dyes her hair to get that gorgeous rich red shade. As any blonde turned redhead knows,  red hair dye fades faster than just about any other color.

Regardless of what color you dye your hair, you’ll want to make certain you’re using a shampoo that will give you the best chance of keeping your color for a long time. Nobody wants to be in and out of the salon every month–not only is it costly, but all those chemicals will totally fry your hair! So here’s what to look for in a colored shampoo, along with our recommendations for the top colored hair shampoos.

1. Sulfate Free: Sulfates are the ingredients in most commercial shampoos that create lather. As much as we’ve been trained by clever advertising to believe a good lather means a good cleaning, all that lovely foam action is actually something you want to avoid if you have colored hair. Sulfates are surfactants, meaning they quite literally strip the surface of your scalp, making it squeaky clean. Unfortunately, they tend to strip the color right along with the oils and dirt. There are plenty of sulfate-free shampoos out there that will get your hair plenty clean , but still leave your color (and some of those nourishing natural oils) intact!

2. Silicone Free: Many commercial shampoos also contain silicone (the ingredients that end in “cone” on the label). Silicone’s are frequently added to shampoos because they create shine. That said, the shine effect is often temporary. See, silicones build up on your hair, which creates  shine and color dulling residue. Thus, to get hair shiny and color looking true again you’ll be forced to use a super harsh clarifying shampoo which will most certainly strip your color.

3. Contains Protein: Colored hair is often dry and thirsty for moisture. But what it really needs, above all, is protein.

Coloring the hair actually opens up the hair shaft and literally removes the hair’s natural protein. In truth, a shampoo that contains protein probably won’t give your hair enough protein. We also recommend a protein mask once a week. That said, a shampoo that contains protein is a great way to give your hair its daily fix.

Top Recommendations

These are our favorite color protecting shampoos:

Budget Buy: L’Oreal EverPure Smooth Shampoo $5.88 on Amazon

I loved how this shampoo never dried out my hair. My color lasted much longer than with a traditional shampoo. That said, this shampoo does still contain some sulfate derivatives (Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate), which are basically just milder versions of the mainstream sulfates. If you’re currently using a mainstream shampoo for normal hair, then switching to this will definitely be a step up. But you may not notice a difference if you already use shampoo for colored hair.

Best Value: Aubrey Organics Rosa Mosqueta Shampoo $11 on Amazon.

Those of you who prefer green or chemical free products will especially love this one. Aubrey Organics provides the most truly organic products we’ve ever found, and it just so happens their Colored Hair shampoo (the Rosa Mosqueta) is the best I’ve ever used! It’s very gentle and doesn’t lather much, so that may take some getting used to.

But my color lasts twice as long now that I use this shampoo.


Best Value: DermOrganic Conditioning Shampoo $12.80 on Amazon

This is another favorite. It’s richer than the Aubrey Organic and creates more lather. It’s not quite as chemical free, but it’s very close and the chemicals it does contain are considered very non-toxic. This one would be the best option for those of you with thick hair. My fine hair can’t handle a lot of moisture so I prefer the AO. But if you’ve got thick or curly hair you’ll love this!

High-End: Don’t bother. The Best Value Shampoos listed above are the best available at any price range!

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What’s not to love about this classic, gorgeous, yet laid-back hairstyle on Jessica Chastain at the 2012 Oscars!? This wavy half-up half-down hairstyle would be great for an easy going bride or an outdoor wedding.  Chastain pulls it off beautifully. She looks so feminine and relaxed. So how can  you get this style

? It’s actually pretty easy!

1. First, you’ll want to prepare your hair

to hold the waves. If you’ve got naturally stick straight hair, you may want to wash it the night before, as having some natural oils will help the waves from falling flat. Flip your head over and lightly mist a thickening spray on the lengths of your hair. My favorite is Bumble and Bumble’s Thickening Spray.  It adds body without getting sticky and smells great!

2. Next, use a comb to create a loosely centered part. It doesn’t have to be perfect. In fact, We like this look better when the part’s a little messy.

3. Now, we’ll create the height that Jessica Chastain has at her crown. The goal here is just to add volume: this look is about understated elegance, not drama. So no huge bouffants on this one. Simply grasp 1 inch sections of hair near your crown and begin using a fine toothed comb to tease in a little volume. Teasing can be dangerous so it’s best to use a seamless comb to avoid breakage. Once you’ve teased most of the hair around your crown, you can lightly use a boar bristle brush to smooth over the top of the teased area.

4. Then simply use a few bobby pins to secure the hair you’d like to include in the half-up portion. If you have bangs, leave them loose in front, but if not, you’ll want to pull it all back. But again, this style is about being relaxed.

So don’t slick hair tightly back: let it fall somewhat naturally.

5. Next grab a 1 to 1 1/2 inch wide curling iron and begin curling 1 inch wide sections, always turning the curling iron away from your face. If you’ve got layers, try curling the shorter pieces toward your face to add a little natural-looking variation and volume.

Be sure to leave the very ends of hair untouched by the curling iron as the extreme heat can cause split ends.

6. If you want to be sure your hair stays out of your face (like Chastain’s hair in this picture) you can also add a couple bobby pins behind each ear.

7. And you’re done! Hello gorgeous!

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