Courtney Cox Plastic Surgery Before and AfterCourtney Cox’s person al life h

as been

a series of ups and downs lately.

Her post-Friends series, Cougar Town, has been generating plenty of critical acclaim, and its ratings are on the rise. Yet Cox recently announced her separation from her husband of 11 years, David Arquette. (Although the two are separating, a divorce isn’t yet in the works, and sources say a reconciliation is a distinct possibility.) But Courtney Cox fans are probably still wondering one thing: Are the Courtney Cox plastic surgery rumors true or false

? If you examine this Courtney Cox before and after shot, you’ll clearly see that the actress seems to have had some work done – particularly around her eyes and mouth.

In the photo on the right, her smile lines have been minimized, her eyes look brighter, and her skin looks smoother as a whole.  Procedures that could create these effects include Botox or other injectable fillers; facelifts; browlifts; eyelifts, and more.

Of course, Courtney has never been one to shy away from talk of plastic surgery in interviews; in 2008, she described Botox as “fantastic and also horrible.” While she has clearly stated that she does not
consider plastic surgery to be out of the question, she has also said that “you have to use it sparingly” for the best results.

What do you think

? Has Courtney Cox’s plastic surgeon been using a sufficiently light touch on her famous face, or is she already starting to display the telltale signs of too much cosmetic alteration


Courtney Cox Plastic Surgery

Has Courtney Cox had plastic surgery on her face to maintain her youthful appearance?